Stumble Guys: Game Review

Stumble Guys Game Review

Stumble Guys was the same sudden hit on smartphones that Fall Guys was on PC and consoles. Attempts to clone Fall Guys for mobile platforms have been tried repeatedly, but only the Finnish developers from Kitka Games with their Stumble Guys have been successful. The secret is on the surface – you just had to copy the successful finds of your predecessor with high quality.

Given the huge audience of Stumble Guys, it’s obvious that the ideas behind Fall Guys are working. But, unfortunately, if in terms of gameplay the Epic Games project was at least somewhat innovative, then the clone from the Finnish developers is unideal.

Stumble Guys Mechanics

Game mechanics, which did not differ in variety in Fall Guys, are even more simplified in Stumble Guys, although it would seem that nowhere is easier. In addition to the basic mechanics of a three-dimensional platformer, where the player can only move a clumsy hero and jump, Finnish developers do not offer anything. However, players fell in love with Fall Guys not for simple mechanics, but for the variety of game situations in which they are used.

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Stumble Guys Mechanics

The obstacle courses in Fall Guys are interesting and varied. But overcoming them is just one of the game modes of the original game, which is further diluted with sports games (football), puzzles (memorize the figure), a game of catch-up (trying to take away the tail), and the like. This did not allow you to quickly get fed up with the game.

The developers of Stumble Guys either did not fully understand this, or they did not have enough resources to create playgrounds. There are few of them, most of them are represented by another small obstacle course, assembled mainly from the same elements as the others: flying or rotating platforms; trampolines for high jumps; pendulums knocking down; cannons that shoot huge balls, etc.

There are other game modes as well. In them you need to run on falling blocks, play football with a big ball or dodge blocks in a horizontal “Tetris”. But there are few such regimes.

In a free game, there are three stages to go through, in the first of which 16 out of 32 players are eliminated, in the second stage – another 8, and 8 players meet in the final.

gameplay stumble guys

The most interesting modes are available in the final, but before it you still have to break through two stages, in which the same obstacle courses are shuffled. Sports excitement and the desire to win, of course, work in this case too. But running through bored short levels becomes boring over time.

Tournaments Stumble Guys

Tournaments are designed to stir up interest in the game, in which you can earn in-game currency, but in order to take part in them, you need to plan your time, because they start strictly on schedule. Access to the main tournament is paid (for game currency), but the prize pool is large. Tournaments also have the ability to play in special modes, such as a one-on-one showdown or no paid emoji.

The latter, by the way, is not accidental. The fact is that emoji, bought for real money, allow you to knock other players down, thereby gaining an advantage. This doesn’t happen often in regular Mass Runs, but it doesn’t make it any easier for the losers due to the pay-to-win mechanics. To lose even in an ordinary race to a donator just because he could not afford a purchase is a shame. stumble guys

It’s also a shame that, in general, the monetization of the project, until you encounter such injustice, looks innocent. Premium currency allows you to win one of the many skins, victory dances, etc. So most players do not expect such a “setup” from the developers at all. Especially in a project that looks high quality.

Much of the feel of the project’s quality comes from the fact that, unlike the many other Fall Guys clones, Stumble Guys is made with a bit more zeal. No technical problems in the game, nice graphics, well-tuned mechanics, user-friendly interface.

But is it worth thanking the Finnish developers from Kitka Games for this? No. Mechanics almost completely copies Fall Guys. Artistic style, obstacles, some tests are also copied. Simplifications in the design are primarily due to the fact that the main audience of the game is mobile players, and the hardware of smartphones is not yet able to fully compete with the stationary one. The Finns borrowed the interface from their countrymen from Supercell, copying it from Brawl Stars. It is simple, concise and understandable.

Once again, it is surprising that Western developers do not notice the shareware mobile games market point-blank. Fall Guys has been trying to be sold as a premium product on desktop gaming platforms for a long time, although it was obvious that it would be in demand on smartphones. Regular bursts of audience interest in the emerging Fall Guys clones on smartphones only confirmed this. The only thing that did not allow such projects to catch on to the players was the poor quality of execution. Stumble Guys is free from this shortcoming.

Tournaments Stumble Guys


Leaving aside the good technical execution of the project, it should be said that this is an unprincipled Fall Guys clone, with some simplifications. He is good insofar as the progenitor is good. Stumble Guys is also able to give a sense of fun, sports excitement and positive emotions. It is interesting to play, at least for some time after installation.

Unfortunately, the fun won’t last long. Like Fall Guys, the project from Finnish developers is not able to sustain interest for a long time, given the small number of tests available. From time to time, you can pass the time and get a boost of energy by arranging a couple of races with friends or alone. It is doubtful that Stumble Guys is able to captivate for a long time, and even more so allow it to reach the highest point of pleasure from the game. Even winning the race does not give a storm of emotions.

It will be all the more embarrassing to face an enthusiastic donator who will ruin your infrequent races with pay-to-win emojis.


  • The game gives fun until it gets boring
  • Peppy gameplay copied from Fall Guys
  • Nice graphics even on weak smartphones
  • Good technical performance
  • Fast downloads and matchmaking


  • Pay-to-Run
  • Small variety of tests
  • Obstacle courses consist of the same elements

Questions about this game:

When did Stumble Guys come out?

Stumble Guys release date – October 7, 2021.

Who is the developer of the game Stumble Guys?

The game is developed by Scopely.