Rainbow Six Extraction: Game Review

Rainbow Six Extraction Game Review

Ubisoft never ceases to amaze. In the worst sense of the word. It seems that the company deliberately comes up with ways to piss off as many players as possible with their strange and sometimes crazy decisions. Developing computer games requires a lot of effort, time and money, and the more resources talented people have, the better the final product. At least, that was the case a few years ago, when the gaming industry was at its peak, delivering several big hits a year. Those days are long gone, and now even major studios with enough resources and capabilities are releasing games like Battlefield 2042, Call of Duty Vanguard and Rainbow Six Extraction.

Green light for Rainbow Six Extraction

A few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a project like Rainbow Six Extraction would get the green light, and not just become a massive addition. But, perhaps, the cost of the project is justified by a detailed storyline with unexpected twists and memorable characters? The one in which aliens in the form of thick black snot once again attacked earthlings and began to terrorize people? Perhaps, but then it was necessary to show what exactly is at stake for humanity, to demonstrate the aggression, anger and cruelty of the enemy, and not talk about it during briefings before tasks, from which absolutely nothing is clear. At first, it may even seem that we are avenging the Statue of Liberty, which was entangled by tentacles in the introductory video.

rainbow six extraction review

Perhaps, from the archaea (that’s what the aliens in the game are called) comes a terrible threat to people? Like, also not. They didn’t show us the atrocities and excesses of the aliens, and I don’t really want to take a word either, because the aliens don’t even kill the operatives who devastate their nests and kill their brethren, but take marauders hostage.

There are no interesting characters in Rainbow Six Extraction either, because some of the operatives from Siege migrated here. Luckily, Ubisoft still gave some money to get them to record some new lines.

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In Rainbow Six Extraction, there is an ordinary black goo mutant trying to fight in hand-to-hand combat. There is an almost indistinguishable mutant that shoots spikes from a distance. The third mutant crawls on all fours and explodes. The fourth also explodes, but with poisonous gas. The fifth one is big, strong and tenacious, so you need to shoot him a little longer. The bestiary certainly does not take quality, and the appearance of the monsters makes you think that a neural network worked on their design, collecting all the clichés that set the teeth on edge.

Assignments come down to capturing aliens for experimentation, destroying pulsing nests, planting beacons on nests, destroying spiers, rescuing hostage scientists and operatives, and killing elite enemies. The developers tried to diversify the races by making mission generation random for each map, but with such a modest and secondary set, this is impossible in principle.

tom clancy's rainbow six extraction

Ubisoft tried to fit the tactical and measured shooter Siege to the realities of the co-op shooter genre. The attempt was unsuccessful. On easy and medium difficulty levels, completing missions is boring, because the enemies start to die, even if you just look in their direction, it becomes impossible to play on high difficulty, since the operatives are already knocked out by two or three pokes.

Arsenal Rainbow Six Extraction

Along with the operatives themselves, the arsenal also migrated to Rainbow Six Extraction from Siege. True, only the names remained from most of the trunks in the game. The balance that Ubisoft has been calibrating in Siege for years is out of the question. Almost all types of rifles, pistols and shotguns behave in the same way – the differences are only in the number of cartridges.

Most devices are simply useless. What is the use of a translucent wall of a grenade if it does not give a tactical advantage, and even an enemy who has noticed you can always be put down with a well-aimed shot in the head, while he takes air into his lungs for 3-4 seconds to squeal and raise the alarm? It’s terrible, how stupid, even to look funny.

rainbow six extraction gameplay

Why Rainbow Six Extraction is destructible is also unclear. Most likely to justify the appearance in the game of the Sledge operative, who has a sledgehammer to break walls. All.

As with gadgets, most of the operatives are also useless. Why is Leon in the game with his drone that sees through the walls, which then recharges for a whole minute? Why would a Capitao with his crossbow that shoots smoke bolts when every operative can carry a whole bunch of smoke grenades with him on a mission?

As if realizing the uselessness of most operatives, Ubisoft has attached Rainbow Six Extraction to a terrible crutch, forcing players to alternate their favorites from time to time. The thing is that in the course of missions, the operative can be injured or even captured by aliens, which will make him unavailable for the next task. As if this was not enough, in case of being captured, this wounded animal must still be rescued (a special task will appear), and in case of failure, all the experience he has earned will be lost.

At least some interest can be caused by the Whirlwind Protocol mode, which triples the number of tasks at each location, while reducing the number of available chests with first-aid kits and ammunition, as well as the time allotted for missions.

The high difficulty of the Whirlwind Protocol is offset by the fact that the list of tasks, available operatives, and bestiary changes only once a week, allowing a well-coordinated team to build at least some semblance of tactics for the race.

rainbow six extraction crossplay


Rainbow Six Siege has steadily lost its originality and identity over the past few years, constantly introducing new and increasingly insane operatives that have turned a serious tactical shooter into a circus with balloons and colorful clowns. Should we be surprised at the quality of the Rainbow Six Extraction spun off from such a product?

Rainbow Six Extraction is a sterile, unprincipled, boring and secondary shooter in every sense, which at one time even abandoned the name “Quarantine” so as not to hurt someone’s feelings against the backdrop of a pandemic and not to fail in terms of sales.


  • “Vortex protocol” mode
  • Available for free on Game Pass


  • Lack of a clear plot
  • Terrible weapon balance
  • Useless gadgets
  • Useless skills of most operatives
  • Second-rate graphics and technical performance

Questions about this game:

How many Gb is Rainbow Six Extraction?

The size of the PC version is about 85 GB.

Where to play Rainbow Six Extraction?

Rainbow Six Extraction can be played on various platforms, including:

  1. Microsoft Windows: You can play Rainbow Six Extraction on a Windows PC. It is available for purchase and download on platforms like Steam and the Ubisoft Store.
  2. PlayStation consoles: Rainbow Six Extraction is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can find and purchase the game through the PlayStation Store.
  3. Xbox consoles: Rainbow Six Extraction is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. You can find and purchase the game through the Microsoft Store.