OneShot: Game Review

OneShot Game Review

OneShot is a story-driven puzzle game that breaks the fourth wall. In it, you must help a girl named Niko carry the sun to a giant tower in order to save a dying world. All this must be done in one passage, the game will not give a second attempt.

And everything lit up

Oneshot takes place in a dying world. Due to the loss of the sun, he plunged into darkness. Only the faint glow of phosphorus delays the inevitable. The only hope of this world is the arrival of a savior. He will bring a new sun and drive away the darkness.

The burden of the savior fell on the shoulders of a girl named Niko. She has a long way to go, communicating with the locals and solving riddles along the way. And all this time she should not let the sun (a large light bulb) out of her hands. If the sun is broken, then everything will end.

All this time, Niko will be led by the god – the player. The girl will tell him about her home, parents, experiences. And the player can tell her about his life. This will strengthen your connection.

oneshot game

In the free version of 2014, OneShot was relentless. If you get out of it without using the bed, then when you restart, the player was shown a broken light bulb and clothes. And later the message appeared, “You killed Niko.”

Luckily, the 2016 version of OneShot (available on Steam) isn’t as violent. If you do not exit the game through the bed, then Niko will be in the middle of the void. This will scare her a lot, but she will survive. And in the 2017 version, the Solstice add-on was released, which allows you to save all the characters.

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One game, multiple characters

God (player) controls Niko’s movements. It is he who has to make the most difficult choices. He must also collect items, combine them and use them to solve puzzles.

Niko obeys the decisions made by God. Even if she is offered to ride a vacuum cleaner or talk like a robot. But she is not without free will. It is Niko who talks to other characters and interacts with objects. If the demands of the god are absurd, then she will refuse to comply with them. Like a proposal to put the sun under the press.

niko oneshot

Niko is a well-mannered and kind child. Although it was not her choice, she responsibly fulfills the role of the messiah. But this does not protect her from fear, hunger and nostalgia for home. While physically in the game, Niko is able to see things that the player cannot see. And vice versa.

But there is also another character. This is a certain entity that communicates with the player through computers. Moreover, she addresses by the name of the player’s computer. If the puzzle cannot be solved in the game itself, then the entity lays out a hint outside of it. For this reason, it’s best to play OneShot in windowed mode so you can more easily notice changes to your own system.

The world is doomed

The world of OneShot is beautiful. He uses colors in an unusual way, giving the player an unforgettable experience. Each character has an amazing, cute and strange appearance. Whether it’s a robot with a camera instead of a head, Niko herself, or a ram possessed by Satan. OneShot makes the most of the possibilities of RPG Maker, mesmerizing the player with views of colorful locations.

oneshot niko

Music perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the events. As are the sounds. Niko’s footsteps alone sound different depending on the surface she’s walking on. And while walking, her ears on her hat twitch funny.


OneShot is a story in which the player becomes a god and influences what happens. This is an adventure that was clearly inspired by The Little Prince. And, like the creation of Exupery, OneShot is able to evoke strong emotions in even the most callous people.

Also surprising is the ability of the game to communicate with the player through his computer. The programmers have done an incredible job, making OneShot stand out even among the games breaking the fourth wall. I recommend!


  • Living characters
  • Fairy tale visual style
  • atmospheric music
  • Good humor
  • Nice puzzles
  • Breaking the fourth wall


  • Can’t hug Niko